LAST_UPDATETue, 22 May 2018 11am

PS2 Ends Production After 13 Epic Years

The PlayStation 2's massive success spawned an incredible library of games. Some of them were clear phenomena like Ratchet and Clank and the re-birthed Grand Theft Auto series, but others flew under the radar, only to explode into something special years later. Stories abound around the system that almost wholly defined a console generation, and we'll take a peek at some of the system's unique successes today.

After an incredible thirteen years, the mighty PS2 has ceased production in its homeland of Japan. Sony's crown jewel amassed more than 150 million units, which works out to one PS2 for every fifty people on the planet. That incredible user base was broad enough to support some quirky games that, once given some room to breathe, ended up spawning some of gaming's largest success stories. Think of it as throwing spaghetti against the wall: eventually, something is going to stick.

Some of these games stuck as critical darlings, others as cult hits, and other as important inspirations for future works, and we've got five of our favorites for you in the gallery below.