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Palm Oil Mill Explosion: Another Victim Dies

DAMAGED: Authorities checking the grounds of the explosion yesterday. Pic: din.huluselangor.netDAMAGED: Authorities checking the grounds of the explosion yesterday. Pic: din.huluselangor.netHULU TERENGGANU: Another victim of an explosion at a palm oil mill here yesterday, died at the Sultanah Nur Zahirah Hospital (HSNZ) Wednesday morning.

This brings to four, the number of deaths in the blast.

Mohd Razlan Mokhtar, 25, from Kuala Berang, succumbed to about 90 per cent burns about 9.30am.

Hulu Terengganu police chief DSP Mohd Ismail Muslim said the victim died about 13 hours after a series of treatment at the HSNZ.

He told Bernama that initial investigations revealed the incident was caused by an explosion involving one of the oil palm fruit steaming machines.

In Tuesday's incident, three workers, including the supervisor of the mill, owned by a renowned farming company here, were killed and another three workers ere injured in the explosion at a section of the premises at 7.45pm.

Those killed were Azmi Abdullah, 47, a supervisor from Manir, and Nepalese, Pramod Kumar Ray, 30, and Sanjib Kumar Pasman, 26.

The victims, who sustained 90 per cent burns, were found buried under a pile of palms.

Mohd Ismail said, the others who sustained minor injuries were Ahmmed Ali, 39, Rezuyam Marom Ali, 45, and Sabad Yedan, 44.

They were discharged this afternoon from the Hulu Terengganu Hospital.

Wife: Victim was unusually reserved

A Fire and Rescue Department truck lights up the damaged mill yesterday after power went off following the explosionA Fire and Rescue Department truck lights up the damaged mill yesterday after power went off following the explosionTHE wife of one of the victims who perished when an oil palm steam machine exploded yesterday, recalled that her husband had been unusually reserved two weeks before the incident.

Zubaidah Sulong, 38, said her late husband Azmi Abdullah, was normally cheerful and close to their three children, but she brushed aside his passive demeanor as attributing to some health problem he was facing.

She was informed of the tragedy through a phone call around 8.30pm from her husband's colleague who asked the family to go to the hospital.

"I did sense that something had happened to my husband but I remained calm and tried to be positive despite his friend's reluctance to tell me.

"When I arrived at the hospital I was informed that my husband had died after being hit when the oil palm steam machine exploded; I just couldn't imagine his condition after being scalded all over," she said when met at the Hulu Terengganu hospital mortuary here.

Zubaidah said her husband who was from Manir, had vegetables and salted fish with his rice before starting work from 4pm until 8am.

Accepting her husband's passing as God's will, she said he had been working at the mill owned by an established plantation company, for 15 years and yesterday was his first day on night shift after two weeks' day shift.

As for the brother of Mohd Razlan Mokhtar, Muhamad Hidayat, 17, he said Mohd Razlan could still talk while on the way to Hulu Terengganu hospital and had even asked whether his eye, which he said was hurting from the impact, was swollen.

Their father Mokhtar Abdullah, 61, said he accepted the death of his seventh of 14 children as God's will but what wrenched his heart was seeing Mohd Razlan's identical twin Mohd Razman's pain at the sudden lost of his brother.

- Bernama