[UPDATED] Blog Featuring Young Malaysian Girls Taken Down

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PETALING JAYA: The blog sweetyoungmalaysiangirls.blogspot.com and Instagram account gadismukabukumy, which have caused outrage among the online community due to a collection of questionable pictures, have been taken down by its webmaster.

The websites which hosts pictures of Malaysian girls, believed to have been used without their permission, quickly received a wave of condemnation when it went viral over social media.

Many netizens expressed disgust at the invasion of privacy and sexualisation of unsuspecting girls, many of whom were minors. Links to the websites were also shared in the hopes of raising awareness against online predators.

It is believed that both Instagram and Blogspot accounts are maintained by the same person.

The alleged webmaster has since spoken out against the claims, saying that he is uninvolved with the situation.

In the statement below, he explains that his account was hacked into after he forgot to log out from photo application Instagram and the images were uploaded without his knowledge.

“Let me start by first admitting that the instagram account was my fault. As you all know, i’m the kind of guy who sometimes gets phones to review and I will always like to test apps and play with it.

“So it was my mistake, yes i am admitting that it was my mistake to think that after i logout from an app… instagram is still connected to my facebook,” he said

He also adds that he has no affiliation with the blogger site.

“Following the Instagram incident, this (sweetyoungmalaysiangirls.blogspot.com) came about and at the bottom of this blog it says that i am a contributor. Which I am not. That part is a hyperlink and anyone can put it there.”

A browse through the website where the statement was released turned up more sexy images of girls, labelled as ‘Intermission Babes’.

In addressing this, the webmaster says that although the images are similar in nature, it is not proof that he is a contributor of the controversial blog.

“If you read this blog, you will sometimes see a post called Intermission Babes. I have never denied that I love looking at young girls, just like how you men will go see a sexy a*s of a girl even if you’re dating or you girls who will see a handsome stud even though you are dating.

“Therefore do not accuse me of being a contributor to that blog even though you see something similar here. Of course you all would have seen this or something similar to this,” he said.

It is unknown if the ‘intermission babes’ have given permissions for their photos to be posted up.



- Dina Murad/The Star




Blog featuring pictures of Malaysian girls annoys parents

PETALING JAYA: A blog is causing a stir among parents over the past few days as it features a collection of pictures of young Malaysian girls, complete with names, which are believed to be taken from other websites.

Over the past few days, Facebook users have been sharing sweetyoungmalaysiangirls.blogspot.com, which describes itself as “a collection of images of young Malaysian girls”.

The blog has postings of pictures of teenage girls, some believed to be minors with tags such as sweet young thing, teen girl and young Asian, together with links to other websites with compilations of racy pictures.

The postings are a compilation of the pictures believed to be from websites such as blogs, news portals and social networking sites.

There are calls from some Facebook users, especially parents, to shut down the site as they believe most of the girls are minors.

Parent Action Group for Education Malaysia (Page) chairman Datin Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim said parents should play a role in ensuring that their children did not share too many pictures of themselves online.

“It is good to like photography and sharing it with friends. But once someone posts something online, it has already gone public. We cannot stop it from going viral and there is no privacy anymore,” she said yesterday.

“We cannot blame others and shut down the site as that would be completely banning the site. We cannot also ban our children from using the Internet, but I think it is better to advise them and reason with them,” she said.



- Jastin Tarmizi / The Star