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(WITH VID) Waterspouts Spotted Off Lido Beach In Johor

Twister-like formation are said to be waterspouts/mDTwister-like formation are said to be waterspouts/mDJOHOR BARU: After a month Typhoon Haiyan Yolanda hit the Philippines, members of the public here were shocked to see a waterspout forming at the Tebrau Strait off Lido Beach.

Misunderstanding it was a twister that could turn into a supercell and cause disaster, some felt scared but the incident which occurred around 4pm did not stop them from recording video clips and pictures with their handphones.
The videos and pictures were later uploaded and became viral over Youtube and Facebook.
One of those who witnessed the incident was Mohd Fadzli Abu Bakar, 34, an employee of Johor Corporation who was at his office at Level 10 of Menara Komtar here.
"I was doing my work in the office when I turned to the window and saw the early formation of the 'puting beliung'. I was shocked a bit but quickly grabbed my handphone to record it," he said when contacted by Bernama.
The waterspout decayed within two minutes without reaching full formation.
"However, another two minutes or more later, it occured again and reached its full formation. It was a bit scary but exciting to see at the same time," he said.
A government staff, Ahmad Rifae Wan Shukeri, 32, also witnessed the incident from the balcony of his apartment at Level 7, Bukit Saujana Apartment.
"This is the first time that I have seen such phenomenon. I was a bit shocked but not scared at all and took a good look at it from the balcony," he said, adding , however, it did not accross his mind to take any recordings at that time.
An officer from the Malaysia Meteorological Department confirmed that the occurence was in fact a waterspout.
"Waterspouts are a normal occurence especially during thunderstorms. It is a non-supercell tornado that usually occurs above the water," he said.
The officer confirmed that the department received several calls regarding the incident but their satellite did not register any significant details of it.
"We have analysed pictures and videos pertaining to the incident and confirm that it was not a twister but a waterspout," he said and urged the people to remain calm as waterspouts would only occur for a short time only. -- BERNAMA
Here is the video:

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