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"Banglasia" By Namewee Banned

Namewee apologises to those involved in the movie and fans. /YahooNamewee apologises to those involved in the movie and fans. /YahooTHE movie Banglasia by controversial director Namewee, scheduled for release in cinemas on January 30, has been banned by the National Censorship Board (LPF) and Home Ministry (KDN) during the approval process.

"Banglasia" was heavily criticised by LPF and KDN, and we have received 31 official notes  and orders to re-shoot the movie."Obviously we cannot afford to re-do the filming process as all 31 notes issued by LPF are 90% of the film itself," Namewee said in a statement on his Facebook page.

He added that his fourth film could not be shown in Malaysia and the authorities have also issued a strict order that "Banglasia" could not be uploaded on Youtube, a series of webpage network or even sold in the market legally or illegally.

Those suspected to show the film in private or public places will face legal actions.

In his statement, Namewee apologised to the investors who suffer big losses following the censorship, and also to the production crews and fans who waited for the movie screening.

This however did not deter him from making more films in the future.

"Although 'Banglasia' failed to be screened, I hope you will continue to support me and wait for my next film. I will work harder and not let you down in the future. I am sorry."