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Drop In Cyber Crime Cases, Higher Losses

Pic : pctechmag.comPic : pctechmag.comKUALA LUMPUR: Cyber crime or online fraud, despite recording a drop in the number of cases, from 18,386 in 2012 to 16,661 last year, incurred higher losses, from RM1.7 billion in 2012 to RM1.8 billion.

Federal Commercial Crime Investigation Department deputy director (operation and intelligence) Datuk Abdul Jalil Hassan said the number of cases, despite recording a decline, was still high and attributed this to, among others, greed.

"Infact, there are people who still believe in the capability of "bomoh" (shaman or spiritual medicine man) to treat illnesses, as well as personal problems, that they are willing to give their money and jewellery," he said.

He said despite the police and the media frequently highlighting cases of online syndicates, many were still gullible by the love scam and parcel scam on the Internet.

"They did not realise they were being cheated and willing to pay to get the love and the parcel," he added.

Abdul Jalil said victims became excited when their new Facebook friends offered them gifts and were willing to pay a huge amount, like for Customs fee, just to get the gifts from the friends, who were actually syndicate members.

"If they (victims) doubt the Facebook friends, they should have asked for their friends' passport number for reference to the Customs Department," he added.

He said most of the cyber crime victims were women.

As such, he advised the public to be more cautious with those whom they befriended on Facebook.