LAST_UPDATESun, 20 May 2018 9pm

Lady Driver Expresses Outrage Over Accident, Netizens Sympathise With Elderly Driver

PEUGEOTPEUGEOTKUALA LUMPUR: A video showing a lady driver in a state of outrage after an elderly man hit her car went viral on social media websites today.

The video was apparently recorded in Kuantan after the lady's car was hit from behind.

The lady expressed her anger in the middle of the road which immediately drew negative comments from netizens.

Among the words uttered by the lady included “Ini kereta barulah bodoh” while bashing the elderly man’s car with a steering lock.

She also said “I don’t care, pay me RM2,000 now!”, “you very stupid!” and other racial slurs towards the end of the video.



-Astro Awani