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Stop Pressuring Selangor MB Says Anwar

Pic:Malay MailPic:Malay MailSHAH ALAM: Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has instructed PKR, DAP and PAS members to stop pressuring Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim to leave office publicly.

"Party members from the coalition must understand that the decision to appoint an individual as the Menteri Besar is the prerogative of party leaders and must be made through proper channels.

"It is not ethical to continuously attack the leadership of Khalid in public especially when the party has yet to decide on the person to replace him," he said.

Anwar also responded to Khalid's earlier statement where the later had stated his desire to serve the state for another two terms.

"Khalid should know better that no person can hold a permanent right to the Menteri besar post and that they can be replaced given the consensus by party leaders.

"I do not condone his statement and as much as I do not agree for outsiders and party members to pressure him to step down," he said.

Speaking at the "Uplifting the Economy of the Ummah" forum organized by PKR, Anwar added that the party has no qualms in appointing a female Menteri Besar despite the backlash by legal experts.

"It's 2014 and so many of our women have achieved great success in the professional and social fields. There is absolutely no issue if we decide to put forward a female candidate for the post, especially my wife Wan Azizah, who is an elegant lady herself," he said.

On the controversy surround PAS Shah Alam member of parliament Khalid Samad who was recently criticised by Sultan of Selangor for questioning the executive powers of the Selangor State Religious Council (MAIS), Anwar pleaded for Khalid to be given the opportunity to apologise for his remarks that were deemed disrespectful to His Majesty.

"I hope the Sultan of Selangor can forgive Khalid for his blunder as he is a responsible and accountable member of parliament for the constituency and it would be a loss for the people if anything were to happen to him.

"As we know Khalid can be a bit harsh when giving out his opinions and the coalition do wish for Khalid to issue an apology to His Majesty for what he did," he said.