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ERA & HITZ FM Cheap Publicity Stunt Backfire

Pic: Hitz fm FBPic: Hitz fm FBBy today, almost all Malaysians with internet access would have seen the now world famous video clip of a woman in Kuantan, Pahang having a raging meltdown over a minor car dent and very nearly physically assaulting the elderly man who had caused the dent.

Although the man charged for the minor traffic accident has decided to forgive and declined to file assault charges against the woman despite overwhelming proof, the police have stated that they will investigate the incident nevertheless.

Everyone following the incident breathed a sigh of relief at the amicable outcome and thought the matter resolved but today, many Malaysians reacted with disbelief that the woman who had displayed such unacceptable bad behaviour has been turned into a celebrity by being interviewed on the Malaysian radio stations ERA & HITZ FM morning shows.

Does 2 minutes of displaying aggressive and shameful road bully behaviour qualify one for celebrity status?

Clearly both these stations thought it did. However, the moment the interview aired, it became clear that the Malaysian public did not feel the same way as a stream of negative and critical comments flooded the stations' Facebook and Twitter posts. Comments like "Stop treating her like a celebrity'", "Thankful, that I am never gonna listen to your station again!" and "Boycott HITZFM!" started streaming in.

Comments also started pouring in through ERA FM & TV such as "ERA..apa faedah la ko jemput kakak stering lock ke konti? Pasang lagu raya la lg bagus" and "Kenapa ERA tak jemput orang yang betul2 berbual baik kepada orang lain? What kind of radio station are you..".

Clearly, most Malaysian are not ready to accept this cheap publicity stunt and questioned the ulterior motive behind the stations' move in inviting Kiki Kamaruddin on air to explain her side of the story. Many blogs were filled with cynical comments about the two stations and asked whether they were taking advantage of this woman who rose to dubious fame overnight to increase their own publicity regardless of whether it was good or bad.

- mD