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Do You Know Where Your Donation Is Going? I Collected RM150 Illegally In Half An Hour

A First Hand Account Of My Experience Collecting Donations Illegally In Aid Of GazaA First Hand Account Of My Experience Collecting Donations Illegally In Aid Of GazaMalaysians’ depth of compassion on humanitarian issues is undeniable.

This is clearly shown when they willingly part with their money or give their unconditional support to help those in need.

According to a report from Bernama, following the atrocities shown by the Zionist Israeli State against the Palestinians since 8th July, the Malaysian public has been galvanized to offer help in any way possible to the oppressed Palestinians.

Donations have been pouring in for every type of organization or charity purportedly collecting for any type of ‘Gaza Humanitarian Aid’ with amounts reaching over six digit figures.

This brings us to the question -  are Malaysians naive enough to give generously without questioning if the organization they are donating to is genuine or not?   I disguised myself as a donation seeker/Pic: mDI disguised myself as a donation seeker/Pic: mD

In the interest of uncovering how easy it is to get people to donate in aid of disaster or humanitarian tragedy, I went undercover purportedly to collect donation anonymously in aid of Gaza

A First Hand Account Of My Experience Collecting Donations Illegally In Aid Of Gaza

To investigate this issue further, I disguised myself as a donation seeker, looking for sympathy and soliciting donations from those who take pity on the plight of the Gaza people.

My aim was not merely about collecting donations but also to gauge the response of the general public to my presence and act of soliciting donations.

Pic: mDPic: mDEquipped with a donation tin covered with a poster depicting the plight of the Palestinian children, I set out to gauge the general public’s response and depth of sympathy for the Gaza plight.

Eventually, I picked a busy public spot near Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) which I believed would be a rich hunting ground for beggars and those soliciting for donations illegally.

Early Saturday morning, I arrived at 10am at the chosen spot attired in my #IsuppportGaza t-shirt with a matching white skullcap to further give the appearance that I am representing an organization collecting donations for Gaza humanitarian aid.

A few minutes went by. I realized that there were no authorities lurking nearby who would take an interest in my activities. Neither were there any members of the police force or DBKL staff who tried to interfere in my activities nor were they observing my activities.

This made my task even easier to accomplish. In the space of just 15 minutes, I collected RM80 without any interference or obstruction from anyone.

From firsthand experience, I can come to the conclusion that all those who contributed to my ‘donation fund’ were from all walks of life, regardless of race or religion.

It was obvious that the Gaza humanitarian plight cuts across all borders and is not confined to the interest of one religious group but is a truly Pic: mDPic: mDglobal issue. 

After 20 minutes, I was approached by a non-Malaysian (British) national. I was intrigued by the question that he asked me.

His question was simple, “Does the donation collected really reach the Palestinians?”

Without hesitation, I replied that the donation will be channeled to an organization known as ‘Palestinian Peace Fund’.

My simple answer must have been enough to convince him as he took out a ten ringgit note and placed it in my box. It was that simple to solicit money from strangers of all nationalities by appealing to their sympathy for the Gaza people’s suffering. 

After standing in the same spot for half an hour holding the donation tin, I was chased away by an elderly citizen who was apparently selling fake fragrance product.

I felt that the elderly man was not happy with my presence there as many people chose to donate to my ‘fund’ rather than purchase his fake perfumes, which was mostly artificial fragrance mixed with water.

Pic: mDPic: mDFor the entire 30 minutes I spent undercover collecting donations, I did not encounter any interference from any authorities. In that short space of time, I successfully collected RM150.

Imagine if I had continued to stand there for the entire day. Let us do the math to estimate how much one can earn illegally in this manner.

In half an hour, I can collect RM150. If multiplied by 8 hours, this brings the daily total to RM 2400. In only 1 month, the amount collected can be RM 72,000.

That is why this easy way of making money attracts many unscrupulous individuals to take advantage of the situation to generate income illegally.

I returned home after my half hour undercover investigation as my original intention was to highlight this issue to Malaysian Digest readers and to warn them against unscrupulous syndicates who operate these scams.

For our readers’ information, the donations received have been banked in to Tabung Aman Palestin registered under the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM).

Pic: mDPic: mD


The resit from CIMB/Pic: mDThe resit from CIMB/Pic: mD

 Cheating Scams Run By Syndicates Are Everywhere

Malaysian Digest is deeply concerned about the Gaza people’s plight and at the same time, being in the media business, we can see how some ruthless individuals can take advantage of this issue for their own benefit at the expense of the suffering people in Gaza.

Recently, a non-governmental organization (NGO) known as Amal Palestine, received complaints that there have been some other unauthorized party which have been using its name purportedly to collect donations for Gaza.

These illegal donation boxes are usually placed in the vicinity of mosques and certain individuals are assigned to monitor these boxes either nearby or from safe distance.

Pic: Islamic Relief MalaysianPic: Islamic Relief Malaysian

Countless reports have filled the pages of local newspapers about illegal donation collecting scams not only for Gaza but for many other causes as well.

Accordingly to a report from Harian Metro last February, the police have arrested two women under the age of 35 years old, suspected of receiving donations using false documents, under the pretense of trying to collect donations toward building a surau and hostel for orphans in Simpang Pulai.

Police estimated that these two women have managed to collect over RM500,000 in the two years that they have been in operation.

Another trend that is popular with syndicates today is the use of children as the modus operandi to making quick money illegally.Datuk Seri Mohamad Fuzi Harun/Pic:HmetroDatuk Seri Mohamad Fuzi Harun/Pic:Hmetro

In fact, it was recently reported in the official PDRM facebook page that according to reports received by the Director of the Department of Management Datuk Seri Mohamad Fuzi Harun , there have been cases of these syndicates raking in as much as RM10,000 a day.

 “Any campaign to collect donations must get a police permit according the Malaysia’s Legislation on House to House and Street Collections Act 1947 (Revised 1978)” he said.

PDRM Is Monitoring Syndicates Collecting Donations For Gaza

According to a report by Bernama in 25th July this year, Malaysia’s Police Chief, Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar noted that the police force is always keeping an eye on these syndicates collecting donations for Gaza.

The police force is doing its best to combat these illegal syndicates but it is not an easy task as there are so many syndicates operating everywhere.

According to the same report, crime analyst Kamal Affendi advised the public to not be so easily deceived by syndicates asking for donations illegally as these syndicates are actively operating all around Kuala Lumpur.

 “People should first ask to see the permit that these groups have before giving donations,” he said.

Pic: www.rmolsumsel.comPic: www.rmolsumsel.comHowever, knowing human nature, will every potential donor stop to ask to see the permit first before gving money?

From firsthand experience, I think it will be rather difficult to put to practice as no one asked to see my permit the entire time I was asking for donation.

Generally, people willingly donated their money without much enquiry based on their compassion and humanity.

Good intentions should be followed with caution so that the aid given will go to those who deserve it, not to those who are taking advantage of the Gaza people’s suffering for their own gain.

So far the Zionist invasion of Gaza has claimed over 2000 lives in over a month, many of them children and women.

Following is the list of registered organizations collection donations for Gaza



Nama Bank

Nama Akaun

Nombor Akaun


Bank Islam












Bank Muamalat




RHB Bank




Bank Rakyat




Maybank Islamic




Bank Islam



MERCY Malaysia


MERCY Humanitarian Fund




MERCY Malaysia



RHB Bank

Malaysian Medical Relief Society




Tabung Kemanusiaan Palestin


Viva Palestina Malaysia


Pertubuhan Viva Palestina Malaysia




Note: Please don't be influenced emotionally by falling for schemes purportedly supporting certain issues or misfortune of a community, or in the case of this investigative piece, a nation in turmoil. This report is a mere reminder that, while Malaysians are caring as a society, we also tend to not verify where actually these sort of donations or funds go to actually. In case of Malaysian Digest, we have provided valid accounts for the amounts to reach those who are really in need. Please check the credentials and the validity of the authorisation given to collect such funds before you fulfil your kind deeds. Thank you.


Gaza, Our Prayers Are With You.

An exclusive report from Malaysian Digest.