‘I’ll Make Mum Proud’

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Pic:NSTPic:NSTKUALA LUMPUR: THE teenage daughter of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 chief stewardess Dora Shahila Kassim is doing the only thing that she can think of to keep her mother’s memory alive, that is to continue living her life and making her proud.

Diyana Yazeera Yazli, 15, told the New Sunday Times that she had been living in a daze since her mother died as people, some whom she had never met, had been coming up to her and telling her to stay strong.

“Being strong right now is something I can’t do. I need to cry and wail. I know everyone means well but could you use another word besides ‘strong’?

“Mummy was my idol from young as there really was no one else. It was just the two of us. She was there for everything, every single celebration I had, she was there supporting me.

“She always told me to make her proud. It’s hard that she’s not here any more but I have to carry on her legacy. Whatever I did previously was for her and why should I stop now, even if she’s gone?

“I will prove to everyone I can do it and I’ll do my best at it.”

To make herself feel closer to her mother, the Tunku Kurshiah College Form Three student said she would wear her mother’s shoes (they share the same size) and wardrobe as it would give her a special feeling that her mother was there with her.

In their final phone conversation before Dora flew to Amsterdam, Diyana said her mother had told her to be somebody and strive for the best. Her final words to her only child were “I’ll see you soon”.

Diyana said when she learned that flight MH17 was shot down, she kept positive by thinking that her mother was not on board, but she had a gut feeling the worst had happened.

“When flight MH370 disappeared, I was also in school. I was confident. I knew mum was not on board, but this time round, it didn’t hit me that this could happen. It was like a bombshell had been dropped on me.

“She promised to see me soon, but now, I know she meant she’ll be seeing me from up there.

“Growing up with a strict mother has showed me the real world at a young age. Mum taught me that everything does not always have a happy ending,” she said, tearing up.

When asked how was her meeting with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, Diyana said amid her sadness, she was still nervous.

“I promised myself I wouldn’t cry as I waited to meet them at the surau in their official home. But then, Datin Seri Rosmah came to me in tears, so I instantly broke down as we hugged. As for Datuk Seri Najib (Razak), he was nice.

“He knew I would be sad if we spoke about the incident, so we talked about other things and he was even able to make me laugh.”

Diyana, who described her mother as the strongest person she has ever known, had written a touching poem which reflected how she is coping with the tragedy.

The poem titled “Gone” was given to the NST to share with everyone.