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No Halal Certificate But Still 'Halal'

File PicFile PicKUALA LUMPUR: Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) stressed today that any restaurant that serve or sell alcoholic beverages will not be granted the Halal certificate because it does not fulfil the criteria according to the Halal certification.

Jakim Halal Hub Division Director, Hakimah Mohd Yusoff said that JAKIM does not compromise with any premises regarding the issuance of the Halal Certificate.

However, she said it depends on the awareness and judgement of the public, particularly Muslims to choose and visit the restaurant.

"All food and beverages premises in Malaysia should not contain any haram (non-Shariah compliance) substances or products deemed illegal in their restaurants to enable them to receive the Halal Certificate.

"JAKIM will ensure that all processes and procedures are complied with before the issuance of the Halal Certificate including the provisions governing how raw ingredients are to be cooked.

"Public awareness is required as the issue of whether a food outlet is halal or not cannot be resolved through legislation alone but need the cooperation and understanding of the public," she told Malaysian Digest today.

She said this when asked to comment on the status of a western food restaurant popular among urban dwellers, Tony Roma's, that was recently questioned by patrons on the issue of Halal Certification from JAKIM.

She said that any restaurant that does not have a Halal Certificate has not contravened any law or risk any action taken against it as long as they do not display any fake halal logo.

Earlier, an advertising pamphlet which was circulated at a shopping center in Putrajaya has labelled the food at Tony Roma's restaurant as 'Non-Halal'.

This unintentional disclosure had raised misgivings and doubts among the public involving allegations that the restaurant is not halal in particular when Tony Roma's is not in the Halal Certificate list given by JAKIM.

Commenting further on the matter, Marketing Manager of Tony Roma's, Johnny Pan said, even though the restaurant is not given the Halal Certificate but all imported meats used in their chain of restaurants nationwide are sourced from an Australian food supplier who is renowned as a supplier and manufacturer of halal food brands .

He said all suppliers of meat or food ingredients must also get approval from JAKIM.

"We realize the importance of ensuring the quality and safety of our food supply in line with the rules and regulations set by JAKIM especially in the interest of our Muslim customers to enjoy a meal in our restaurants without misgivings," he said in an email statement to the Malaysian Digest.

He added that food preparation at Tony Roma’s restaurants are by carried out by staff or Muslim chefs trained in food preparation.

"They are trained in all aspects of food preparation, including the procedures for the preparation of halal food. Aspects of safety and hygiene in food preparation also stressed during the training period.

"The training is conducted at Tony Roma's restaurant in Sunway which is recognized as a regional training center.

"We are very sensitive to the needs and desires of our customers, especially those who are Muslims.”

"Our customers should feel comfortable every time they set foot into any Tony Roma's restaurant across the country and feel reassured that they can enjoy a meal without worrying about consuming non-halal food," he explained.

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