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Woman Gets Drugged And Taken Advantage Of In A Nightclub, Wakes Up To More Horrors

Pic: LollipopPic: Lollipop

A woman's night out at a club went horribly wrong after she was allegedly drugged and disgraced.

Photos circulating on sites such as vdoobv show the woman passed out cold while someone fiddled with her top and snapped pictures of her.

She appeared to be unconscious and oblivious to what went on the whole time.

Screenshots of her WeChat conversation with a friend, which also surfaced online somehow, further explained what had happened.

The woman's friend had sent her the incriminating photos and asked if that was indeed her.

The woman confirmed that it was and said: "I was drugged. I do not dare to go out anymore."

She added: "A few girlfriends brought me out to have fun. I got drugged and when I woke up the next day, my head was aching. Initially I thought nothing was wrong, but now my whole circle of friends (know what happened). What should I do? Help me."

Her friend, however, was not of much help and simply advised her to be more careful next time as well as to clarify what had happened with everyone else.

It is unknown where or when exactly the incident took place.

- Lollipop