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Definitely Fast & Absolutely Furious: Malaysian Driving School Pranks Instructors

We mentioned in our post “Fast & Furious: The 7 Quickest Cars On The Planet” (read here) earlier this week, the movie release of “Fast And Furious 7” next Thursday will signal the end of the annual lacklustre film period between January- March, and kick-off the blockbuster-filled summer movie season.

If you’re familiar with the Fast and Furious franchise, you’ll know that its premise is pretty absurd and dumb -- yet it still manages to retain excitement, leaving audiences entertained. In fact, we’ll say that each movie from the series carries scenes that are “epically ridiculous” but also simultaneously “ridiculously epic.”

So, what’s the main attraction of the films? Well, obviously it’s the fast cars and the outrages stunts they get to perform in them. Of course, who wouldn’t want to feel the thrill of driving as insanely as the characters in the film?

Clearly taking inspiration from the franchise (even having their video titled “Fast & Furious,”) one local driving school decided to prank a few of their driving instructors on their first day on the job.

With the help of YouTube channel MaxMan.TV, they staged and recorded the whole thing, along with professional motorsport athlete Leona Chin that was brought in to play the role of a first-time driver trying to get her P driving license.

At first Leona struggled (acted) in handling the manual car, irking most of the instructors. One even suggested ending the session while advising her to get some more practise first, and that’s when the fun begins.

Leona goes into full-on fast and furious mode -- performing tricks such as donuts and drifts, all at a ridiculously high speed! Hilarity follows as the reaction of the instructors are priceless!

Watch the video below:


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