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Despite Scheduled To End This Year, Federal Government Renews Batu Tiga Toll For 20 More Years

SHAH ALAM – Despite the contract for the Batu Tiga toll concession company scheduled to finish by this year, the federal government has decided to renew its contract until 2035 – a move which is said to be without any solid reason and has irked commuters in the Klang Valley.

Selangorkini reports Batu Tiga assemblyman Rodziah Ismail as saying that the federal government is completely ignoring cries from the public to end the toll charges.

“The federal government needs to be open and give answers on what basis are they renewing the contract and to where will the money be channeled to,” the PKR politician said.

“I frequently discuss this issue with Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad, and have even brought it to the attention of the state assembly, but it seems the only viable solution is to change the federal government,” she explained.

Causing even more annoyance to the public is the fact that the toll has shifted away from cash payments, she added.

“I don’t see any rationale behind the move. If during the construction phase it was promised that the concession would finish in 2015, then why must the contract be renewed?” she asked further.


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