LAST_UPDATEMon, 23 Jul 2018 8pm

SHIT HAPPENS! Woman Unknowingly Poops While Partying

KUALA LUMPUR: Several photos showing a woman losing control of her bowel movements while partying in a nightclub has gone viral on social media and become a laughing stock among netizens.

The incident, which took place in an unknown location, has become a topic of discussion among social media users – with some saying that it was a disgusting act which should not have happened.

However, according to information provided by a witness as reported in a viral news blog, it is possible that the drink offered to the woman beforehand by her ex-boyfriend could have been spiked, causing her to lose control of her bowel movement.

It is reported the stomach-churning incident was caused by jealousy in which the man was enraged by his cheating ex-girlfriend who had been disloyal to him.

The episode took place overseas and it began spreading through several social media platforms since 4 May.

- mD