LAST_UPDATEWed, 20 Jun 2018 8pm

Halal Status Of A Popular Japanese Sushi Restaurant Chain Queried

KUALA LUMPUR: After the issue of Secret Recipe Manufacturing Sdn Bhd’s Halal Cert withdrawal by the Islamic Department (JAKIM) due to serious hygiene-related offences recently, questions have now arose over the halal status of the popular Japanese food, sushi.

The matter was raised by a Twitter user, @iFaraAidi, who had posed a question to JAKIM on its official Twitter page, @JAKIM_Official, regarding the halal status of a famous sushi chain, Sushi King.

“@JAKIM_Official What about Sushi King’s Halal Cert? Halal or not halal. Clarify please. Thank you,” @iFaraAidi tweeted.

JAKIM had initially replied that the chain does not have halal certification without provding further explanation.

“@iFaraAidi So far Sushi King does not have halal certification,” the reply stated.

However, in JAKIM’s latest status today, it provided further details, pointing out that sushi often contains ‘mirin’ and ‘sake’ which is the alcohol content used in the preparing the Japanese delicacy.

A cursory check by Malaysian Digest on the Halal Malaysia Directory, showed that there are 70 kinds of sushi menu preparations which have halal certification.


- Malaysian Digest