LAST_UPDATEMon, 21 May 2018 7pm

“You Should Not Be Rude To Anyone” − Photographer TTFGA Gets Snubbed By Marina Mahathir On Instagram

Ridduan Ismail, or known as TTFGA (Tukang Tangkap Foto Gembira Anda) to the online community may be known for his street-style photography, and probably named KL’s best by some.

While his photographs posted on Instagram are regarded with the epitome of professionalism, his attitude on the other hand, proves that he lacks any sense of the word.

This was due to an incident that unfolded recently on Instagram when "someone" who was not just anyone left a comment on one of his photos.

With little knowledge that Marina Mahathir was the face behind the Instagram account making a comment on the picture he captured of Zaihani Zain, TTFGA made uncalled for remarks in response to Marina’s query which caused her much confusion.

Marina received a rude response by simply asking the question: “Who is she? And what is that wonderful necklace?”

TTFGA’s rude responses can be seen below.

With a few exchanging correspondences, he finally realises who she is and deletes every single one of them, and apologises to Marina claiming he had no clue it was “her”.

Marina was quick to snub and respond, “As a matter of principle, you should not be rude to anyone, regardless of who they are.”

Well, I guess a real life lesson is learned here for TTFGA who has now put his own fame to shame.