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Malaysian Apostate Confesses On Twitter #ExMuslimBecause “I Wanna Eat Pork, Drink Alcohol And Fornicate Freely”

Last week, the hashtag #ExMuslimBecause began trending worldwide on Twitter where thousands of former Muslims took to the microblogging site to share their stories of why they left Islam.

The subject may be sensitive and it may sound extreme but the campaign started by the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain is aimed to defend the rights of Muslim that leave Islam and criticise it without fear or intimidation.

“We never expected [the hashtag] to start trending in this way… it really shows just how much people needed to express themselves”, Maryam Namazie, founder of the Ex-Muslim Forum, told BBC.

Maryam NamazieMaryam Namazie

According to her, leaving Islam is a basic right and being an ex-Muslim does not mean being anti-Muslim, it just means speaking up for your own rights.

Among those that jumped on the bandwagon using the hashtag on Twitter was disputatious Malaysian apostate Juli Jalaludin, who created the controversial Facebook page Murtads in Pantai Timur last year.

Many Muslims however have said the movement has sparked Islamophobia, deeming it as “hateful” and defended the faith with the counter hashtag #MuslimBecause.