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History Of Colonised Melaka Reminder Of Inefficient Management

JASIN: The history of colonised Melaka is an important reminder of the devastation and destruction that could have occurred in the state, if the duties to develop the country were not efficiently administered.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Idris Haron said the people should be grateful for the current prosperity and peace as a result of the nation's efficient development, and being able to celebrate the country's independance.

"The celebration is expected to inject patriotism spirit and foster awareness and consciousness in the hearts and minds of all Malaysians, on the meaning of independence and the importance of loyalty to the country.

"Peace, stability and prosperity should be protected so that our future generations can live in peace," he said in his speech at the launch of the state-level National Month Celebrations and Fly the Jalur Gemilang Campaign at the Jasin Mini Stadium here today.

The event was attended by about 5,000 people.

Meanwhile, commenting on Bukit Katil MP Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin's statement on delineation in the state, Idris said he was entitled to make any proposal on the matter.

"As a responsible state party chief, I have the right to give suggestion, it's up to the Election Commission (to consider the proposal). To add or not, that is the prerogative of the EC," he said.

Currently in Melaka, Barisan Nasional has four of six parliamentary seats and 21 of the 28 state seats.