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Grandfather Felt Uneasy Every Time He Visited Disabled Grandson

Pic: Astro AwaniPic: Astro Awani

MERSING: A grandfather's uneasy feeling about his disabled grandson's wellbeing proved to be right when the boy was found dead in the bathroom and was suspected to be a victim of abuse.

Abd Rahman Sandaran Abdullah, 47, was shocked to learn about the death of disabled Mohamad Roshamnudin Abdullah, 11, who was previously living with his father and a brother in Kedah before the victim's mother decided to bring the boy home to live with her.

"I feel uneasy every time I visited the family and saw there was a wound that seemed did not heal on my grandson's hand thinking that he fell or something," he said when met after the boy's burial at the Muslim cemetery in Kampung Teriang Besar, near here, last night.

He said the last time he saw his grandson was on Hari Raya Aidiladha when he visited his daughter's home in Kampung Bukit Tekedai, Endau near here.

"I have noticed something amiss with my grandson and I often reminded the mother and the stepfather not to do something unthinkable because my grandson was disabled," he added.

Abd Rahman also said that the family would let the authority conduct investigations behind the boy's death.

On Wednesday afternoon, the boy was found by his mother lying motionless on the bathroom floor with one of his legs pinned under a large water container. He was then rushed to the Endau health clinic where he was pronounced dead.
A post-mortem revealed the boy was tortured.

The police arrested the mother, stepfather and his brother for allegedly abusing the boy. The case is classified as murder and being investigated under Section 302 Penal Code.

- Astro Awani