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Girl Abandoned By Father And Forced To Live At Snooker Joint Defies Odds As She Achieved Good SPM Results

An 18-year-old girl from SMK Seri Kota Puteri, Johor has shown that sheer determination can overcome all odds as she successfully obtained 6A’s in SPM – proving that our circumstances is not what determines our fate.

Farah Marcella and her siblings were abandoned by their father and as a result, forced to seek shelter at a local snooker joint.

“This child is not well-to-do and she along with her siblings was left homeless after their father’s abandonment,” Zaikhan Abdul Rahim quotes his sister, Suraya Abdul Rahim – who is Farah’s teacher – in a Facebook post.

“She was kicked out of school for repeated absenteeism when she was 16 years old and when she was 17 years old, she enrolled herself back in school – but disappeared soon after.”

Suraya recounted how she searched for Farah as she saw an immense potential in her and deemed it to be a waste if Farah was left to her circumstances.

“I brought her home; I cared for and I provided her with education in a span of two months and with the blessings for God, her effort and sheer determination was paid off!,” she revealed.

“Congratulations to my ‘anak angkat’ Farah Marcella for achieving 6As, 1B+ and 1C+ – who would’ve certainly accomplished a greater result if she had more time to study,” the proud teacher wrote in a Facebook post.

Netizens were equally proud and happy over Farah’s success, whilst commending Cikgu Suraya for her good deed and heart of gold:

“Congratulations to Farah! And may more teachers aspire to be more like you, Suraya,” one user wrote.

“May Allah bless the child with a bright future and may your good deed be rewarded here and hereafter,” another wrote.

“An exemplary event that proves no one is subject to their fate – it’s what they do to get out of it that matters, and sometimes all it takes is someone to believe in them,” a reader wrote on Facebook.

Following her accomplishment, Zaikhan and Suraya are reportedly establishing a fund to help finance Farah's tertiary education. However, those interested to donate are advised to contact the teacher and her brother directly to verify the fundraising details as no official confirmation has been received from them.

We at Malaysian Digest send our heartiest congratulations to Farah Marcella. May you be served as an inspiration to all youngsters that with hardwork and determination, creating a better life for yourself is possible!

- Malaysian Digest