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[Video] Siti Nurhaliza Responds To Autistic Fangirl’s Viral Video Who Beautifully Sang Her Song

A school teacher named Nurul Shuhada has shared on her Facebook page a video of her autistic pupil belting out to Datuk Siti Nurhaliza’s hit ballad ‘Biarlah Rahsia’.

Nurul Shuhada shared a series of videos featuring one of her student’s last Wednesday (April 12) with one clip being watched over 800,000 times to date.

In one of her postings, the teacher urges for the public to make the clips viral, knowing as the girl truly idolises the pop star and wants to meet her very much.

“She’s autistic but she is very talented in singing. But she only wants to sing Siti Nurhaliza songs,” wrote the teacher.

The avid fan of the songstress, also praised her beauty and says that she herself uses the star’s beauty products SimplySiti.

And thanks to the power of social media, word got out to the diva herself.

"I've watched the video. Thanks for being my fan and I appreciate your efforts and willingness to sing my song.

"God willing, we will meet. I pray for your success in life, because each of God’s servants are unique in their own way," was the singer’s respond for the girl, via Harian Metro.

The 38-year-old admits that she often makes time to meet with many of her special fans.

“There are many special people who are hoping to meet with their favorite artists.

"I am aware of this, so in any event I attend and if I encounter my fans anywhere, I will try my best to make time for them,” she further stated.

Meanwhile the girl's teacher who helped recorded the videos, expressed her thankfulness to Facebook users who sharing the video across the social media platform.

“Alhamdulillah... Her dream may become a reality. Thank you to everyone who has helped this special girl.

“This child can sing because she loves Datuk Siti, and God blessed her with a sweet voice.

“I’m surprised many Facebook users care about those with autism,” the teacher penned.