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Najib Tweets About Yesterday's TN50 Scuffle, Says "Discussion Got A Little Too Intense"


If yesterday's session proves anything, it goes to show that the TN50 townhall sessions really do matter to the rakyat and are not merely a stage-managed public relations exercise.

As the TN50 townhall sessions are live, all Malaysians could see how Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak reacted to the unexpected fracas.

He didn't get angry or retaliate but instead immediately sought to cast a steady hand over the situation.

“Okay, okay. Tak payah bertumbuklah,” Najib can be overhead saying over the loud exchanges between Metrowealth Pictures chief executive officer Daivd Teo and comedian Sulaiman Yassin.

With foresight, Najib also instructed the duo to talk it out and make up before the programme's end which they did, and the two shaking hands with the prime minister was also telecast life.

How would another less experienced leader have reacted and perhaps let the situation get out of control? If he had sided with either individual or chosen to take offense at such behaviour, the consequences could have reveberated beyond the TN50 session.

However, his cool composure and decisive action ensured a happy ending to the whole episode.

Najib acknowledged the situation got a little unruly iin a recent Twitter posting.

Many netizens praised the prime minister but also expressed their regret over the incident which they said was an insult to Najib.

Pic: TwitterPic: Twitter

While some parties had called for Najib to reprimand Sulaiman for being physically aggressive, the two men seem to have patched up overnight.

Meanwhile Teo said he had already made up with Sulaiman who is popularly known at Mat Over.Metrowealth producer, David Teo Pic: Cinema OnlineMetrowealth producer, David Teo Pic: Cinema Online

"I informed the Prime Minister that I did not see it coming. I also told the Prime Minister that I forgive him (Sulaiman), when I shook the Prime Minister's hands," Teo told mStar.

"It was not my intention to be rude to the Prime Minister. I just told Rosyam some of the participants were not given equal chance (to talk).

"How can I be rude to the Prime Minister?" he said, The Star reports.

While some comments on social media had attempted to frame the incident as a racial incident, it is clear that Teo had spoken out of turn and behaved unbecomingly to trigger the scuffle.

Sometimes, these things do happen and it is just between the two of them," Tourism and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz commented.

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