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PKR Youth Top Leaders Criticised, Told To Resign

Pic: theSundailyPic: theSundailySHAH ALAM: A PKR youth delegate has called for the wing's upper echelon to resign, a criticism that is seen as an apparent attack to the leadership of party youth chief Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad.

Malacca delegate Naqiuddin Nazrin noted that the wing was currently facing the issue of weak leadership due to infighting, which the leader had failed to address and resolve.

He added the wing was also being left far behind from the other youth wings in Pakatan Harapan component parties as it failed to rally the support of Malaysian youths.

"My message to the wing's top leadership is, if you can't carry the responsibility, what are you waiting for? Step down and give the position to others," he said, which received cheers from the delegates.

"Regardless of any big idea that we want to carry out, if we do not have a clear direction from the top leadership, we will not be going anywhere," he said during the policy speech debate at the PKR youth National Congress at IDCC today.

Naqiuddin also pointed out that the wing's leader had failed to engage with those at the grassroots level, and asked Nik Nazmi how many times he had come to Malacca to meet local youth members.

"I can say that it is zero. I am sorry but I have to say this. In the end, the wing is seen as weak by the youth," he said.

He said the leadership also kept silent and rarely responded when the wing was under attack, and its enemies had used this weakness to their advantage.

Naqiuddin told delegates to be wary of the 3R problem that could bring down the wing, which are Rasuah, Rosak and Rebah (corruption, damage and falling apart).

He added there were youth who had refused to join the wing as they alleged it was involved in corruption.

Naqiuddin said his criticism against the leadership was not driven by hate but because of his love for the party.

"Because I love the party, I have to criticise and give my advice to ensure a brighter future of our wing," he said.