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Who Is Behind The Lawmaker Who Tabled Motion To Debate 1MDB In UK Parliament?

Ann Clwyd, an opposition MP from the Labour party in UK, had reportedly tabled the Early Day Motion (EDM) last Wednesday (19 July), according to an announcement published on the House’s website.

The motion, which was listed under item 212 of the parliamentary agenda, said that the House is “alarmed” about the alleged misappropriation of billions of dollars from 1MDB, the state-owned investment firm created by Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak in 2009 to spur development in the country, Asian Correspondent reports.

The motion filed by Clwyd, who is known for her human rights advocacy, also highlights the alleged misuse of the Sedition Act and urge Malaysia to allow international for the upcoming GE14.

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However, the timing of the motion has raised suspicion among local political analysts as it coincided with Sarawak Report launching another campaign to rehash the 1MDB scandal and just so happens after Mahathir returns from his Hari Raya vacation in London.

“Isn’t it weird that Ann Clwyd suddenly appears after Tun Mahathir’s long vacation at the United Kingdom during the recent Hari Raya.

“It is not impossible for Clwyd, who is an author for Sarawak Report, to be one of those who met Mahathir to pursue his agenda of toppling the Prime Minister Mohd Najib Tun Razak,” according to the blog, MyKMU.

It didn't take too much digging to unearth the Malaysian link to the UK lawmaker.

It turns out that back in February 1994, The Guardian reported that Clwyd previously had evidence regarding the funding of the Pergau dam construction in Kelantan, after Malaysia signed a deal to purchase firearms from the United Kingdom worth £1.3 bilion.

“I was told by my sources that the cost of the project (Pergau Dam) costed £400 million including bribery (or ‘fees’) of £35 million. The bribe or ‘under-the-table’ payment was given to the local officers, land owners, politicians and certain members of the Malaysian royalty,” claimed Ann to The Guardian.

Another blogger, Another Brick In The Wall, stated that one of the ‘beneficiaries’ of the proxy that was related to Dr Mahathir was definitely an accomplice of his, Tan Sri Arumugam.

“This is the same Arumugam, who owns a resort in Argentina and may have paid for Mahathir's ranch in Buenos Aires but naturally the owner are his proxies.

“The proxies could be holding shares for Mahathir in a certain IPP (Independent Power Producer),” claimed the blogger.

The alleged statement by Ann became a hot topic in the UK, however when asked to officially present the evidence to the investigating team, Clwyd failed to do so, stating she ‘forgot her sources’.

“More than 20 years ago, when she was questioned by the UK investigators, Ann Clwyd suddenly said she had no evidence that Mahathir’s administration was taking in bribes and forgot who her sources were in accusing the government.

“Was she lying at the time, or was she conspiring with Mahathir since that day?

“Today Clwyd appears again to attack another Malaysian Prime Minister. Is this her agenda, or Mahathir’s?” questioned MyKMU.

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