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These Are The Best Paying Jobs In Malaysia For 2017

Whether you are a fresh graduate or and an experienced employee, the most frequent complaint by Malaysian employees is low wages that is not commensurate with inflation and rising cost of living.

As a matter of fact, better salaries with attractive benefits is one of the main factors influencing a career change, so much so that Jobsteet Malaysia has released the 2017 salary report – revealing which industries have the highest salaries.

1. Entry Level
Engineering, Constrction/Building: RM5, 533
Hotel/Restaurant, Consulting (Business and Management): RM5, 100
Computer/IT Software: RM4, 600

2. Junior Executive
Computer/IT, Banking/Financial Services: RM6,500
Healthcare, Retail/Merchandise: RM5, 950
Computer/IT, Chemical/Fertilisers/Pesticides: RM5, 182

3. Senior Executive
Sciences, Oil/Gas/Petroleum: RM28, 250
Healthcare, Grooming/Beauty/Fitness: RM15, 167
Engineering, Consulting (IT, Science, Engineering and Technical): RM11, 333

4. Manager
Building/Construction, Oil/Gas/Petroleum: RM15, 611
Accounting and Finance, Gems/Jewellery: RM14, 500
Engineering, Consumer Products/FMCG: RM14,500

5. Senior Manager
Admin/HR, Construction/Building/Engineering: RM35,000
Services, Healthcare/Medical: RM27,500
Engineering, Semiconductor/Wafer Fabrication: RM27, 500

Additionally, the report also underlined that salaries are much higher for those employed in central regions such as Kuala Lumpur as well as Selangor.

Financial comparison website also pointed out that the minimum average monthly salary of Malaysians is RM800, while RM5,000 is the median and RM83, 333 is the maximum.

So whether you are looking for a career change or curious of where your salary stands against the national median, check out the full report by Jobstreet here.

- Malaysian Digest