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Photo Of Two Malay Ladies Spotted With Condoms Hanging Around Their Neck Goes Viral

Malaysians and viral news can never be torn apart, and this time, what excited netizens are these two ladies and their condom 'necklaces'!

Donning T-shirts emblazoned with the logo of a popular local biker roadshow, these ladies appear to be at ease being photographed with the condom dangling around their necks.

A large 50,000 strong crowd of motoring enthusiasts had attended the SAU 2017 gathering held at the Amanjaya Mall in Kedah last weekend officiated by Kedah Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah.

So, what is the real story here?

The SAU 2017 organizer, Mohd Safiuddin Elias said he was informed of these ladies and their absentees for the program but were seen wearing SAU tshirts bought before the event.

“I was told that these ladies had worn the SAU event t-shirts and condom necklaces at an unrelated event held at their company's premises, which is a factory manufacturing condoms and they are required to wear the condom tag.

“Perhaps their mistake was wearing the SAU t-shirts and taking a picture that eventually went viral all over social media,” he explained

Mohd Safiuddin also denied allegations that the SAU event was out of control after the photo went viral, no matter what the critics may say. This is following another video of a youngster who was seen dancing on his motorcycle on the day of the programme that had also gone viral.

Explaining further,he said that the programme was also supported by the Menteri Besar Office, with approval from state authorities so everything was meant to be appropriate.

"Prior to the programme, meetings were held at state level including getting cooperation from government departments such as the police, the Department of Volunteer Malaysia (RELA) and the Malaysian Defense Force (APM).

"I believe the issue had been enlarged by those who are less knowledgeable of the motoring world and are not fond of the ‘budak motor’ (motoring enthusiasts)," he said.

Further explaining in Harian Metro, another viral video of a 'joget' dancing scene was not held during the official programme and was believed to have been done privately by participants after the event.

"During the programme, no such scene had taken place and I believed the activity had happened outside the programme site area and after the programme was over.”