What Are Today's Headlines?

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The English dailies today reports on the large amount of money siphoned into personal accounts of grassroots leaders, the continuing probe into 1MDB, calls to Ambiga to come clean and the unveiling of the national costume for Malaysia’s Miss Universe.

RM71mil Siphoned – In an exclusive, The Star reports that RM71mil that was allocated to help the rural poor has been siphoned by two grassroots leaders In Sabah with the help of a high-ranking ministry official but this is just a small fraction of the RM1.5bil that has gone missing from a ministry which has not been identified.

Further Probe – Although the police claimed to have concluded its investigations on the national sovereign fund 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB), theSundaily reports that Attorney-General Tan Sri Mohamad Apandi Ali has ordered them to re-investigate as there was a lack of evidence in the investigation report prepared by the police.

Calls For Ambiga To Come Clean – After she was named as the source of Sarawak Report’s claims that Pas’ top leaders allegedly received money from the prime minister, Datuk S. Ambiga is now under pressure by various political leaders to come clean but she has refused comment, New Straits Times reports.

Look With Flavour – Malay Mail gives a spotlight on this year’s Miss Universe Malaysia’s national costume, where the nasi lemak-inspired gown stunned spectators when it was unveiled by reigning queen Katie Samantha James, yesterday.

The Malay dailies reports on various social and political issues from locals and foreigners alike in Malaysia have been scammed online, insufficient evidence in the 1MDB case leads to new investigation , the call for Ambiga to come clean, the spread of daredevils using modified bicycles to police nabbing a gang of thieves.

RM5 Bilion Lesap Kena Tipu (Scams Cost Malaysians And Foreigners RM5 Billion) – From 2013 to October 2017, more than 1.7 million Malaysians and foreigners in Malaysia have been scammed online when they suffer losses close to RM5 billion and Berita Harian reports Deputy Home Minister Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed cynically saying that online investment scams are difficult to resolve because the ‘people like to be cheated’ and would only report to the police after being a victim for a year or two.

Bukti 1MDB Tak Cukup (1MDB Evidence Insufficient) – Sinar Harian reports on the Attorney-General clarifying that investigations into 1MDB are still on-going but they currently have insufficient evidence which is why he ordered a re-investigation.

Ambiga Perlu Jawab (Ambiga Needs To Come Clean) – Datuk S. Ambiga needs to clear her name after she was allegedly the source of Sarawak Report’s claims that Pas’ top leaders received money from the prime minister, and Utusan Malaysia reports Pas urging the lawyer to apologise if the claims are true.

‘Barah’ Budak Lajak (Cancerous Culture Of Daredevils)  The tragedy that took the lives of eight youngsters back in February for racing using modified bicycles did not deter youngsters, instead, Harian Metro reports that the use of modified bicycles is spreading across the country, which is helped by the cheap price to obtain it either at bicycle shops or online.

Polis Cekup Empat Wanita Geng Penyamun (Police Arrest Four Members Of Female Gang Of Theives) – Police have arrested four women aged between 18 to 47 who have been using nail clippers to cut gold necklaces worn by children in shopping malls before they disappear to their own hometowns in Sabah, Kosmo! reports.

The vernacular dailies focused on the Deputy Prime Minister chiding Malaysians for not being able to speak Malay well despite being independent for the past 60 years.

Shame That Malaysians Are Not Able To Speak Malay Well – Sin Chew Daily reports Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi saying that it is a shame that those who are born in Malaysia are not able to speak the Malay language well although the country achieved its independence 60 years ago.

Shame! Malaysians Are Not Able To Speak Malay Well – China Daily also reports on Zahid Hamidi rebuking Malaysians for not being able to speak well in Malay and said that Rohingya refugees have good command of the Malay language even though they have only been working in Malaysia for a few years.