MIC Man Caught Soliciting Sex From Teenage Girls Quits Party

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Pic: NSTPic: NST

KUALA LUMPUR: An MIC branch chairman has left the party after he was caught with his pants down soliciting sexual favours from youths of barely legal age, in return for job opportunities.

It is learnt that the individual, who is a school teacher, quit the party following the circulation of an audio recording of him allegedly promised a teenager employment in exchange for sex.

The incident has left MIC leaders particularly its treasurer-general Datuk Seri S. Vell Paari fuming. He pointed out that abusing one’s influence to coerce a person into a sexual intercourse is rape.

“I want to make it crystal clear that resigning from the party is not a ‘Get Out of Jail’ card for him.

“I have been informed that he has done it before, three years ago during which he was caught and assaulted. At that time, he had promised to change his ways but apparently, this never happened going by the viral voice note. It is a form of rape and should be punished accordingly,” Vell Paari said in a statement.

Vell Paari described the individual as a “sexual predator” due to the latter’s admission in the audio clip of his sexual trysts, and that he did not appear to be intoxicated while making the request.

“What is frightening is that in his conversation, he admits to having sex with four young girls studying for SPM. He boldly says that one of the victims was only 17 and only recently turned 18. It’s very evident he is a sexual predator and is targeting underage girls for his own pleasure.

“As a father to a young daughter, I cannot find it in me to forgive this guy who is preying on other parents’ children. From the voice note that I have heard it is very clear that he was not drunk.”

Vell Paari said he had informed the Sentul district police chief on the case and would lodge report soon.

“I would call upon all those who have reviewed the voice note to also make a police report against this person, especially on his claim of having sex with four SPM students who are all underage.

“They need to be rescued and this guy has to be taken off the streets. It’s clear that he is a compulsive sexual predator and is targeting young and desperate girls as his victims.”

Vell Paari said the individual had apparently apologised to the family of the recent victim and MIC leaders at the party’s headquarters.

“The party and its leadership have made it very clear that it does not condone this sort of act and behaviour and will not protect him.”