Opposition Parties Politicising Penang Floods

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KUALA LUMPUR: Gerakan deputy president Datuk Dr Cheah Soon Hai slammed Opposition parties for seeking to politicise the recent floods in Penang by painting a negative picture of Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders.

He said Opposition parties, utilising social media, had been trying to insinuate that the federal government had neglected the people Penang and their welfare, following the catastrophic floods, last weekend.

The social media is also portraying Opposition leaders, notably those from DAP, as being earnest and dedicated in helping the flood victims while BN are being pictured as being in flood localities posing for photos, he noted.

He cautioned that the social media is filled with fake news which give the wrong impression to the people.

“Gerakan detests such attempts to politicise the floods which are aimed at stoking the people’s anger.

“The focus should be on helping the flood victims above all else,” he said in his address at the joint opening of the Gerakan Wanita and Youth Annual General Meeting at Menara PGRM, here today.

He revealed that the reality was that BN had mobilised substantial relief efforts to help out the flood victims following the disaster which had left a trail of devastation.

Cheah noted that the federal government, together with Penang BN and Gerakan, has been working around the clock to distribute aid and assistance to as many as flood victims as possible.

"Gerakan central committee also managed to raise RM100,000 to be channelled to flood relief centres and Gerakan volunteers in Penang to assist flood victims.

"Some flood relief centres had also been reactivated to provide as much assistance as we can.

"In addition, Gerakan volunteers are coordinating our activities with locals and other relief teams,” said Cheah, who is also Kedah Gerakan chairman.

At the same time, Cheah said Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng should also not blame Kedah for the flood in Penang.

Lim, who is DAP secretary-general, had claimed that the flood which inundated Seberang Perai was also due to the water overflowing from Kedah.

Cheah noted that Kedah would have no control over the flow and it is irresponsible for Lim to trigger a blaming game.