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Fear Of Crime Level In Selangor Lower Than Target Set - PEMANDU

Pic: Berita HarianPic: Berita HarianSHAH ALAM: The fear of crime level among people in Selangor stood at 37 per cent last year, which was far below the 54.9 per cent KPI target set by the government, according to the PEMANDU Associates survey on the Perception Crime Index (PCI).

PEMANDU Associates senior vice-president Abdul Mutalib Ishak said the percentage was derived from almost 100,000 respondents from community groups comprising residents, business, ‘rukun-tetangga’ associations and schools which responded to the online surveys on their level of satisfaction with police efforts in coping with crime.

"Seventy-nine police heads in Selangor met the respondents in their respective areas and coaxed them into cooperating in the study.

"To achieve 37 per cent in Selangor is a great feat for the Selangor police contingent headquarters (IPK)," he told reporters after presenting results of the PCI survey here yesterday.

Also present was Selangor police chief Datuk Mazlan Mansor.

Elaborating, Abdul Mutalib said in the first survey by the agency conducted from September to November last year, the PCI recorded by the Selangor IPK was second best in the country after Penang (33 per cent).

"A low PCI reflects better performance, while high PCI shows people are more fearful of crimes," he said.

The dissemination of news on social media which were at times doubtful also contributed to fear among the public, he noted.

PEMANDU Associates is a private consulting firm established by the management and staff of PEMANDU.