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Kampung Kabai Residents In Cambodia To Get A New Mosque In September

Datuk Mustapha Ahmad MaricanDatuk Mustapha Ahmad Marican

KUALA LUMPUR -- About 3,000 Muslim residents in Kampung Kabai in Cambodia are expected to be able to carry out religious activities in the new mosque valued at RM400,000 (USD$100,000) donated by Malaysians upon its completion in September.

Construction of the mosque, which began in November 2017 followed the initiative of the International Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) which was concerned about the difficulties faced by residents of Kampung Kasbai who had to use a small and dilapidated surau currently or walk quite a distance to the mosque in nearby villages.

Chairman of the NGO Datuk Dr Mustapha Ahmad Marican said the mosque would be equipped with various facilities besides incorporating the characteristics of the mosques in Malaysia.

Kampung Kabai is located about 530km from the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh and the INTERNATIONAL NGO has been active carrying out humanitarian missions for the past several years to assist the Muslim community in the country.