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Know Your Luck In The Year Of The Horse

What's in store for you this year?/Google ImagesWhat's in store for you this year?/Google ImagesONLY three days remain before the year of the Horse come galloping into the new Lunar Year, marking the beginning of the Chinese New Year.

Everywhere around the world, Chinese New Year brings with it much anticipation into the year’s Feng Shui predictions. In the Chinese Zodiac calendar, each year is represented by an animal sign, each embodying elements that determine the luck for the animal sign.

So, what’s in store for you this year?


According to Master Jing from the Jing Mei FengShui Enterprise in Kuala Lumpur said everyone must brace themselves for an aggressive and "rebellious" year.

“It is going to be quite challenging because there are some missing 'elements' this year,” warns Jing.

He explained that in Chinese philosophy, each animal is borne by elements such as Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. Master Jing said the five elements are related to each other and play an integral part in keeping a healthy balance.

Ripples of Difficulties

Unfortunately, there will be an absence of the Water and Earth elements this year, creating some "ripples of difficulties" for people whose animal signs are carrying these two elements.

"Without the Water element, the Wood Horse will be very strong and since wood is an integral part for making fire, there’s a possibility for it to burn out of control,” Jing said, speaking metaphorically.

He added that the lack of the Earth element (Earth represents intelligence) will also cause some people to make bad business decisions.

Looking at the brighter side despite of these frustrating revelations, the Feng Shui Master assured Malaysians that there will also be many fruitful opportunities in the beginning of the year.

“The Metal element is present in the early part of the year. It represents prosperity and wealth, and this means there will be an abundance of opportunities for money-making, The first six months will open a lot of doors for monetary gains and so, if you have any plans to expand your business, this will be the best time to do so,” he happily advised.

Master Jing however cautioned that the second half of the year will be bumpy, especially for those thinking of clinching big business deals. This, he said, is because at that time, the Fire energy will spark and "it will start to take control of things".

"Don't be greedy. It is advisable to pursue only small and less risky business deals during the later part of the year," forewarned Jing.


Not all animal signs will benefit from the Wood Horse. This was the prediction of Master Yew from FengShui Consultancy told us why. He gave a brief prediction for the 12 animal signs as well as their luck-ranking for the year.

"In 2014, the Wood Horse will bring fire that produce a lot of energy, it can project happiness and vitality. However, some individuals may still face difficulties," said Yew.

Starting with the first animal in Chinese calendar, Yew said 2014 may not be a good year for people born in the year of the Rat. Although they are hardworking, sentimental and positive people, there is a clash between Rat and Horse.

"It is a bad year to start new business for Rat people but a good time to plan for change and self-improvement. The general luck for the Rat is ranked at the last spot out of 12 animals," Yew explained.

An Ox-cellent Year

"Ox people are hardworking, honest, practical with a strong sense of responsibility and endurance. This is a good year for the Ox. There are many lucky stars in their destiny. It is a good year to start new ventures and to go on long journeys.

"However, be aware as there will be some people plotting bad agendas behind your back," he said, adding that the Ox’s luck ranks at 2.

Yew said 2014 is just an average year for those born in the year of the Tiger.

"There will be a lot of helpful people to help the Tigers achieve their goals. Tiger’s luck is ranked at 4," said Yew.

Then there’s the Rabbit. The gentle creature’s luck is quite on the good side this year.

"They have to work hard because it's a busy year for them," Yew said, adding that 2014 is also a romantic year and great year for the single ‘Rabbits’ to find love. As a whole, Rabbit's luck is ranked at 8.

Yew said the Dragon is considered a lucky creature, and the Horse year will make Dragon people more energetic and ambitious. This will be a constructive and good year for new undertakings and Dragon people need to be more focused and diligent to reap the rewards. The Dragon's luck is ranked at 9.

"Snake people are delicate, intelligent, serious and responsible. They have had a series of problems and difficulties last year but this is a turn-around year for them". 

Ranked 10 at the luck scale, Yew said 2014 is a good time for the Snake people in terms of work, relationship and social life. It is also a good year for travelling and time to make significant changes.

Yew explained that 2014 will not be a smooth road for people born in the year of the Horse. The Horse’s journey can be quite a testing one so they are advised to stay calm throughout the year.  He also said that 2014 is not a good year for any business endeavours for the Horses but it’s a good year for travelling and worthwhile for them to do some soul searching. Horse's luck is ranked at 11.

"Monkey people are smart and cunning. This year, the Wood Horse will challenge the Monkey's patience and Monkey people need to be more patient and strategise their way ahead wisely… only then they can be successful," says Yew. Monkey’s luck is ranked at 9.

"The gentle and loving Sheep people can expect a very promising year. This will be a great year to start new businesses and a good year for relationship and financial gain. The Sheep is surrounded by good luck and it ranks at the top of the pact," Yew said.

The Feng Shui Master said the strong force of fire by the Horse may bring some pressure and trouble for the Rooster. Those born in the Rooster year need to work hard and emphasise on their goals or else they will suffer both financially and emotionally. The Rooster’s luck is ranked at 6.

"I like dogs and Dog people are loyal and friendly.  Dog and Horse have a harmonious relationship. Although it's a good year for Dog and they are surrounded by a number of lucky stars, there seems to be some strong unlucky stars. In general, a Dog's luck is both good and bad.

"However, it will be a good year to pursue new dreams, aspire for promotions and making new friends. It's also a good year to build your reputation and financial gains," he said, adding the Dog's luck is ranked at 7.

Just like the Snake, Pig people have also experienced a difficult year in 2013 and this year promises some light at the end of the tunnel.

“Although there are some unlucky stars hovering over you, with proper planning and with the help and support from friends or relatives, a smooth ride is possible,” said Master Yew. Pig’s luck positions at third place in the animal luck scale.

Feng Shui serves as a guidance for one to achieve a balance between good and bad energy./homesbytradition.comFeng Shui serves as a guidance for one to achieve a balance between good and bad energy./homesbytradition.comARE YOU A BELIEVER OF FENG SHUI?

Feng Shui is merely guidance to help individuals strike a balance between the good and bad energy a year possesses.

For founder and Group Chief Creative Director of A Cut Above Salons and Academies of Malaysia, Datin Winnie Loo, Feng Shui acts as a guide and it is one’s prerogative to believe in it or not.

“Master Feng Shui Datuk Joey Yap told me that this year will be a good year, though there are some obstacles ahead in my path, I'll be able to overcome them," she said.

"Although this is a good year for me I won’t let Feng Shui dictate my life fully", said Winnie.

The successful entrepreneur said although she doesn't believe in FengShui a hundred percent, but she still considers it in guiding her life.

"I take whatever advice I get on certain things and dates in the year that are good for me, but I'm not the type to buy paraphernalia.”

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone in the Chinese community goes to a Feng Shui Master for predictions, as told by Francis Yong, a 57-year-old businessman.

"I get my predictions from an astrologer, Master G. Suresh. You see, astrology is a part of science, and I find that there are many similarities between Feng Shui and astrology. Mostly it's about positive and negative energy."

"Astrologers will ask the same questions as Feng Shui masters, such as the birth day, time, year and location before giving their predictions," he said.

"All I can say is this year there is quite a lot of negative energy, therefore I have to be careful especially in the second half of the year."

Here's to a happy Chinese New Year to all our Chinese readers. May your year be fruitful and prosperous.