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UNREAL! Pitbull’s Song Contains Details Of MH370 Episode

Conspiracy or coincidence? Pitbull and Shakira in their "Get It Started" music video. Pic: www.idolator.comConspiracy or coincidence? Pitbull and Shakira in their "Get It Started" music video. Pic: www.idolator.comA song released in 2012 titled ‘Get It Started’ sung by Cuban hit maker Pitbull featuring Latin singing sensation Shakira went abuzz after the song’s lyrics claimed to have contained  the elements of  Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370’s case.

Its sudden popularity had garnered the song’s 7million view on YouTube.

Excerpts from the lyrics were believed to bear shocking resemblances of MH370 case among which stated:

 “No Ali, no Frasier, but for now it's off to Malaysia”, “Two passports”, “Three cities”, “Two countries, one day” and “Now that’s worldwide”.

Interesting, isn’t it?

The name Ali and the “two passports” mentioned in the song were claimed by some viewers to refer to the name of the Iranian travel agent who booked the flight tickets for two other Iranians, who were reported to have boarded the plane using stolen passports.

According to media reports, viewers interpreted the three cities in the song as Malaysia, China and Vietnam. On YouTube, the public even commented on the video that the other two countries were believed to be Malaysia and Vietnam.

The missing plane mystery has directed all eyes to Malaysia and Pitbull has the best way to describe this unfortunate fame the country has earned when he rapped the part “Now that’s worldwide” in the song.

The bizarre ‘coincidence’ resulted in viewers blaming Pitbull as the mastermind behind MH370 case. They even said that Pitbull could’ve planned the tragedy two years ago, at the time the song was released.

Other segment of the public feels that it is all a coincidence and it is ridiculous to create such a conspiracy theory relating the song to the missing MH370.

Coincidence or conspiracy, the search for MH370 flight is still going on strong and people all over world are praying and pledging their support, hoping for the plane to be found soon.



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