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Viral Photos Of Same Woman Photographed At 3 Recent Massacres Being Spotted In Paris Attacks Likely A Hoax

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No sooner than the terrorist attacks occurred in Paris on Friday evening than a composite photo started circulating online referring to a rumour which had been circulating for some time now about a woman who had apparently been spotted at three recent tragic massacres being seen in the crowd during the Paris bombings.

A variation of the graphic above circulated on social media with the addition of another woman of similar built and height spotted among the countless press photographs taken of the aftermath of the Paris attacks.

One caption read, “Damn, one unlucky girl.. Seems she was in Paris last night.. Sandy Hook during the school shooting and Boston during the marathon bombings… Coincidence or professional paid government actor?”

"Should we call her the crybaby bandit for managing to be quite available for the disaster nearest you? Maybe we should see if she is available for the next massacre. If someone is this good at acting, shouldnt she be in the next Freddy Kreuger movie if they make one?" another reader observed.

Pic: FacebookPic: FacebookAfter a terrorist bomb exploded at the Boston Marathon in 2013, the same woman had allegedly been spotted among the crowd. This comes after supposed 'sightings' at two earlier tragedies in 2012, the mass shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, US killed 12 people and another one at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut, USA which left 20 children dead.

Several online blogs have since debunked the 'same girl at three massacres' myth after several people have come forward to identify the women in the three separate incidences as different individuals, giving names and biodata of their actual identities

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As for the alleged latest sighting in Paris, many netizens have pointed out that someone has merely taken the image of a crying young woman with brown-hair and labeled it as “proof” that the same woman was at all four tragedies, reports a US online blog

According to media reports, the woman in the Paris photo has not been identified.

Press captions of the photo merely describe it in the following manner: “Rescuers evacuate people following an attack in the 10th arrondissement of the French capital Paris.”

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