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What Happened To This Man Is A Lesson Why We Should Never Self-Medicate Ourselves

Some of us may have the tendency to avoid paying the doctors a visit and self-medicate ourselves solely through medicines purchased over the pharmacy counters, but a recent case has proven just why our actions could come back to bite us.

Sin Chew Daily reported on Wednesday that a man named Lee, now suffers from lung infections due to over-consumption of antibiotics that he purchased from pharmacies – in his endeavour to cure his sickness.

The 42-year-old hailing from Wuhan, China, finally decided to seek medical attention on July 30, when he acknowledge that his cough had not subsided despite consuming antibiotics over the span of two weeks.

Dr Yuan, who is the attending Respiratory Specialist at the hospital, promptly conducted a scan on the patient’s lungs and made the shocking discovery that it was severely infected as it appeared cotton-like.

The discovery led to Lee confessing that he depended on antibiotics purchased over the counter over the course of six months each time he had a cough and consumed antibiotics for two weeks regardless how severe or mild his condition was.

To make matters worse, the daily reported that the antibiotics he consumed falls under the ‘third generation’ category – which stipulates higher and stronger dosage – and therefore may have caused the bacteria to develop a strong resistance against the medication.

Sina reported that this eventually led to difficulties for the body to regulate the bacteria, which subsequently factored in to fungal infection in his lungs.

Following this shocking diagnosis, the doctor has advised the public not to heavily rely on antibiotics and instead, practice a healthier lifestyle which consists of healthier diet, recuperate thoroughly and increase in water intake.

Dr Yuan explained that once bacteria develops a resistance against antibiotics, medical practitioners are forced to prescribe heavier dosage of medicines as well as stronger antibiotics for their patients.

While some may deem this as effective in curing sickness, the medical practitioner underlined that it could potentially bring more harm than good in the long run, especially to internal organs such as kidneys and livers.

- Malaysian Digest