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Turning 55 On Nov 6, TV Host Aznil Nawawi Is Far From Retiring Showbiz

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular television host Datuk Aznil Nawawi believes in entertaining fans as long as he can, and the “retirement age” 55 is just another number for him.

The newly-appointed Universiti Malaya (UM) alumni ambassador will celebrate his 55th birthday on Nov 6, and promises fans he will continue to give his best “as long as he is fit and strong”.

Aznil also plans to establish his own foundation to help young Malaysians pursue courses of their choice, with the aim of creating world class professionals, especially in broadcasting.

“The foundation will be an avenue for Malaysians to shine on the world stage. It will be a platform for Malaysian voices to be heard internationally,” he said in a recent interview.

Aznil believes in lifelong learning, and successful people should strive to be better. Furthermore, work keeps him mentally alert and healthy.

“Work can be tiring, but if we love our job, we’ll take pride in hard work. For me, entertaining is my passion, and there’s no stopping me,” he said, adding that he exercised and ate healthy to excel in his job.

On his role as ambassador, Aznil said he would be encouraging students to “know the world around us” by gaining practical experience, instead of confining themselves to books and classes.

“When I studied economics in UM, I took part in dance, singing and public speaking competitions, without neglecting my studies. Extra-curricular activities make us well-rounded.”

Aznil also said that society’s perception of entertainers was slowly changing, because many artistes have proven themselves to be articulate and active members of society.

“They’re knowledgeable in matters beyond entertainment. Some also double as entrepreneurs while others take time off to pursue higher education.

“On my part, I visited Hollywood twice in 2015 and last year where I met experienced entertainers and learnt from them.”