[VIDEO] See Why Samsung's Latest Ad Which Makes Fun Of Apple Has Got Everyone Talking

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Samsung has brought out the big guns with their new ad, shooting Apple right in the centre.

Over the past few years, the brand has taken the mickey out of Apple in the media, but now, we can safely say the Korean tech giant did not miss the mark!

Rewinding back to Samsung’s 2014 ad series titled “Next Big Thing”, they had so effectively mocked iPhone users that Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller, even told CEO Tim Cook in an internal memo, to consider a new advertising firm to properly respond. Looks like the Galaxy creator undoubtedly sent their competitors into a panic!

So in light of iPhone X release, Samsung didn’t hold anything back and did a periodic reference why they are just simply better. And to be frank, even I as a loyal iPhone user, can’t help but give props to Samsung for their latest one-minute long anti-iPhone ad which had professionally and thoroughly made fun of iPhone storage problems, the iPhone non-waterproof feature, the iPhone X’s controversial design, amongst others.

Their latest ad titled “Growing Up” begins in 2007 and it follows a young man as he excitedly buys and opens up Apple’s original iPhone. Fast forward three years later, we see the young man unable to take a photo as his iPhone has run out of storage which thankfully, at present, has been resolved.

We won’t spoil the entire ad, but the manner in which it manages to highlight a variety of historic iPhone cons while positioning Samsung Galaxy devices as the ultimate pros is incredibly creative and brilliant!

Check out the ad for yourselves: