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Pakatan's Role In The High Cost Of Living

THE articles on Selangor and Penang government property related taxes in the New Straits Times and Berita Harian on Monday and Tuesday are a reminder to the people in both states and also the country that the higher cost of living is not entirely due to the Federal Government’s policy.

The writer, Isham Jalil, put forward a convincing argument that the issue of cost of living should be put into the proper context and that there are also other reasons for the high cost of living.

The fact is we have been overwhelmed by so many unverified opinions that labelled the Goods and Services Tax or some other government policy as the reasons for the higher cost of living that precious little spotlight is shone on the opposition-ruled states.

I would be very surprised if the Pakatan governments will continue to deny or even blame others in light of this expose by such a highly trained person with a professional background.

The facts and figures are there for all to see.

Most damning are the two graphics showing the raising of property related taxes by the two states which started before the implementation of GST and more hikes as time passed.

I noticed that even the recent Pakatan manifesto mentioned taxation.

I support Isham’s contention that Pakatan should look at itself first before criticising the government.


Kuala Lumpur