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Conspirators Should Just Leave If They Are Unhappy

KUALA LUMPUR: “If you feel you cannot work together with the president (Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim), then it’s better to just quit,” said former FA of Malaysia (FAM) vice-president Datuk Seri Ridzuan Sheikh Ahmad.

This is the reminder by Ridzuan when asked to comment on the conspiracy of a few exco members who are said to be plotting to depose Tunku Ismail as FAM’s “number one”, as he admitted such a situation is a very unhealthy trend and practice.

He said exco members must stop playing political games and instead focus on the entrusted responsibilities after getting the mandate from the representatives who chose them during the congress in March.

“They (exco) should be patient and give Tunku Ismail a fair chance to realise what is needed and what has been planned.

“If there are plots to bring people down, then our football will never be able to prosper or develop any further.

“If some feel that it’s difficult to work together with Tunku Ismail, then it’s better to just leave FAM as if left to drag on, then I worry this organisation will fall and fail because of internal squabbling.

“Exco members should be the backbone for FAM in executing plans that have been lined up by the president. They should not be selfish because they must remember that they work for the rakyat who want positive changes for football in our country,” he said yesterday.

Yesterday, Timesport reported that not even a year into his presidency, Tunku Ismail is already facing a conspiracy to get him ousted from the top post of helming the national football body.

Tunku Ismail revealed that there are a few exco members scheming to oust him from his post, and there are even those who tried to remove Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership (FMLLP) chief executive officer, Kevin Ramalingam.

However, Tunku Ismail reiterated that such a conspiracy to topple him is already known, though any attempt to do so will not materialise so long as he is still FAM president.