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50 Million Users - Myspace Strikes Back With A Vengeance

ANYONE remember Myspace? You know, that king of social networking sites from 10 years ago. Similar to the dinosaurs, unfortunately, its reign of supremacy was cut short when the cyber world was hit by a meteor (in this case, it was Facebook). But just like a scene from a Godzilla movie, this prehistoric (well, according to the digital era that is) creature has been awaken, and is making a comeback.

Throwback Thursday

According to a report from Wall Street Journal, Myspace managed to garner a hefty 50.6 million unique users in November of 2014, which is a 576% increase from the previous year’s November. The site itself says that its traffic seems to pick up on Thursdays. The cause for this can be summed up by two simple words – “Throwback Thursday”.

You see, last summer; the former social networking giant started to randomly email past users some old photos of themselves from the site. It was a strategic ploy to make these past users reminisce of their time in Myspace, which was then a “cool place” to be on social media. This decision focusing on recollection of memories succeeded as it managed to tug at the hearts of many, that they soon flocked the site.

The term “Throwback Thursday” is already a popular social media ritual where people post “retro” photos of them on social networking sites. Because Myspace was one of the early photo-sharing platforms used by many, these users have now returned to the site to retrieve their old digital photos that are deemed a “throwback”.

Sex Solicitation

Photo retrievals aside, a recent study released by The Urban Institute investigating the underground commercial sex industry in eight major U.S. cities, also lists Myspace as an increasingly popular website amongst pimps and prostitutes due to the ease of masking illegal activities. Furthermore, the geographic expansion that the internet provides is a major bonus for pimps.

The NY Daily News reported that Myspace has joined the ranks of Craigslist,,,,,, and as a means for sex workers to solicit clients. With all these heavy sexual solicitations involved, we sure hope its comeback version won’t soon be upgraded to the name ‘Mysexspace’.


- mD