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TM To Introduce New Unifi 10mbps Package This July With Monthly Fee Of RM179

As you able to recall, several telco companies and Internet service provider have unveiled their plan to offer more affordable basic broadband packages within the next two months. Among them is TM who will be offering a 1Mbps Streamyx package with 1GB data cap for a monthly fee of RM 38 this coming June.

Interestingly, it turns out that TM will also be launching yet another new broadband package right after that. However, the new package will be under its UniFi high speed broadband service instead.

According to announcement made by TM earlier today, the new UniFi package will be priced at RM 179 per month which once adjusted with 6% GST, should be to the tune of RM 189.74. As a reference, the monthly fee for existing UniFi’s VIP 10Mbps package is RM 199 or RM 210.94 with GST included.

Existing UniFi home packages, minus GST.Existing UniFi home packages, minus GST.

The new package will features unlimited access at the speed of 10Mbps, free calls to fixed telephone line throughout the country, and access to 22 basic channels on HyppTV. It is indeed odd that TM calls it as a “new” package even though the offerings are identical to UniFi’s existing VIP 10 package.

Nevertheless, users will be able to subscribe to the package starting from 15 July onwards at any TMpoint throughout the country provided their area is part of UniFi’s coverage area. Meanwhile, we have reached out to TM to find out if the company has plan to readjust the monthly fees for existing UniFi’s package with the arrival of the new UniFi 10Mbps package later this year.



Source: lowyat