LAST_UPDATEMon, 16 Jul 2018 8pm

Massive DDoS Attack On Russia’s Defense Ministry Website During Vote On New Arms Names

Russia’s Defense Ministry website suffered a massive DDoS attack during an online vote to select the names of new Russian military hardware, with all hacking attempts repelled by cyber security services, the ministry said.

“Attempts to attack the website were performed from the territory of Western Europe – the country is established, the North American continent and Ukraine," the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

There was a total of seven attacks during the final day of voting on Thursday, with two of the most intensive of them coming in the closing hours. “The DDoS attacks were neutralized by the cyber security services of the Defense Ministry,” the statement read.

Thursday was the final day to vote for the names of new Russian armaments. The state of the art combat laser system got the name of Peresvet, after a mythical Russian knight. A nuclear-capable cruise missile will be called ‘Burevestnik’ (petrel) from now on, while the unmanned underwater vehicle received the name of ‘Poseidon.’

On March 1, the Defense Ministry asked Russian internet users to come up with names for the state-of-the-art military hardware, which was unveiled to the public in President Putin’s address to the Federal Assembly.

-- RT