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230 Pieces of Land Allocated For Worship In Selangor

SUBANG JAYA: Some 230 pieces of land in Selangor have been allocated over the last five years to build places of worship for different religions.

Exco member Ronnie Liu said the allocation shows the commitment of the state government in helping communities of different faiths.

"We have also increased the allocation for financial assistance for non-Muslim religious associations from RM3 million to RM6 million this year," he said at a press conference after MPSJ's full board meeting in December.

Liu also said he would seek clarification from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak on his recent remark that the state had demolished seven places of worship during his speech at MIC's annual general meeting.

"As far as we know, we do not have records that any places of worship were demolished," he said.

Among others, Liu would request for the full list of the temples demolished, including their names, locations and the dates the demolitions were purportedly carried out.

"If Najib does not clarify his remarks, I will seek consultation from the state's legal adviser for further action," he said.

Meanwhile, Liu also urged local councils to be cautious when handling issues relating to religion, as it remains a sensitive issue.

"The local councils are advised to conduct press conferences to make public their enforcement activities to avoid having misunderstandings," he said.

- Cindi Loo  / theSun 

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