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Mute Girl Speaks Because Of Cream Cheese Diet

A three-year-old girl was able to speak her first words thanks to a diet of cream cheese.

Fields Taylor was left mute by a rare disease known as Glut 1 Deficiency that caused a lack of glucose to flow to her brain.

The condition had meant she was unable to speak but a new diet that consists of around four packets of cream cheese per week has led to her breaking her silence.

‘The first time I heard Fields say “Mum” it was just wonderful,’ said her mother Stevie.

‘I didn’t really believe that something so simple as changing her diet could make such a big difference.

‘The amount of Philadelphia she goes through is a bit mad but the effects it’s had is amazing.’

The 34-year-old stressed her daughter’s diet wasn’t unhealthy because she wasn’t allowed to eat sweets and cakes, or drink fizzy drinks.

‘It (cream cheese) doesn’t affect her weight either as she uses up every bit of fat she eats; she doesn’t store any of it,’ Taylor added.

There is currently no cure for Glut 1 Deficiency but children can benefit from a high fat diet, which makes the brain use the energy gained instead of glucose.



- UK Metro