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When Beauty Married The 'Beast': A Real Life Fairytale Unfolds

KUALA LUMPUR: A real life version of 'Beauty and The Beast' has surfaced in our neighbouring country, Indonesia.

Many readers who shared the viral story immediately thought of the popular western children's fable which tells the tale of beauty being in the eye of the beholder.

The marriage union between Bayu Kumbara, an Indonesian, and Jennifer Brocklehurst, a Briton has recieved wide coverage on social media, and it is not because of the cost of the wedding but rather, the image they portray as a couple which goes against mainstream stereotypes.

The reason? Just take look at their wedding photographs and you will know why their union has captured the hearts and minds of netizens.

Social media users were impressed with Bayu's amazing feat in conquering the pretty English lass's heart, given his less than mainstream photogenic looks which were characterized rather unkindly as 'comical' by readers.

In our world dominated by westernized versions of what is beautiful and handsome flooding advertisments, television series and cinema movies, many readers were captivated by the story of two people from such diverse ethnicity, nationality and culture finding love and forming a lasting relationship.

According to the report from, thier love story began last January when Jennifer visited Sumatera and met with Bayu who was an Anthropology student from Andalas University.

Subsequently, they fell in love and decided to seal their union in marriage. News about their wedding received much attention when Jennifer appealed for donations online via to support the ceremony's cost.

Jennifer said she put 2,500 pounds sterling (RM15,000) as her goal. She had wanted to buy flight tickets for her parents so they could attend to her wedding in Indonesia.

However, she managed to collect only 1,000 pounds sterling (RM6,184).

The reduced budget did not deter the lovestruck pair, and Jennifer continued with her marriage to Bayu.

The couple were married on 8 August.