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[Video] Tiny Outback Town With Population Of 2,000 Becomes An Internet Sensation Overnight


A tiny town in outback Australia with a population of under 2,000 saw its humble Facebook page blow up overnight after posting a video of trucks laying bitumen.

Moora Shire Council, a tiny outback town 177 kilometres north of Perth, posted the oddly satisfying footage of the highway being made in mid-December.

In less than a month their page following had skyrocketed to 58,000 and more than 14 million people had viewed the viral video, shot from above with a drone, the Daily Mail reported.

Alan Leeson, the shire's chief executive, was initially convinced the page had been hacked when he first saw the view count.

"We thought, 'Oh we've been hacked', but it's all been checked out," he told WA Today.

"I suggested we film the work because a lot of people don't have a perspective about how roads are bituminised... we thought it was be a good opportunity to show what we do.

"We sped the video up... the original goes for about 15 minutes."

The overhead footage captures the moment a dusty red road is transformed into an even strip of bitumen, or asphalt, as a truck lays down an even base.

Another truck follows with a load of rocks to cover the smooth, black surface.

The team took two days to lay almost five kilometres of bitumen along Airstrip Road as part of a $443,000 government initiative.

- Daily Mail