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[Video] Wheelchair-Bound Graduate Stuns Spectators By Walking Onstage To Receive His Scroll

Graduation day is always special. It marks the culmination of all your efforts, the proof that your sweat, blood and tears during all those years are finally worth it.

The moment you get yourself up on that stage, and your hands on that scroll, you actually feel like you finally made it in the world.

But Sam Bridgman, a 25 year old student from University of South Florida, has made his own graduation infinitely special, just by walking on the stage.

What's so special about walking on stage? Well, Sam is wheelchair bound.

Sam is afflicted with a little known disease called Friedrich's Ataxia, which has left him wheelchair-bound since he was 18.

The disease can severe shorten an individual's life, as it mostly affects the nervous system and the heart, causing Sam to lose coordination from his toes to his fingertips.

But Sam has not let his disease get the best of him, and he is determined to make the most out of his life.

His motto in life is 'Impossible is Nothing', and he even had it tattooed on his arms.

In the video, Sam is seen walking towards the stage, with two of his friends helping him. The whole hall then erupts in applause for Sam's effort.

So, the next time someone tells you that some things are just plain impossible, show them this video of Sam Bridgman showing everyone, impossible is just a word.