Hackers Hijacked Digital Billboard In The UK, Displayed Offensive Images

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A digital billboard in the city of Cardiff, Wales, displayed offensive images such as a Nazi swastika and a sharia law notice after the billboard was allegedly hacked.

The giant billboard was located at a popular shopping destination on Queen Street, above a Superdrug store.

Images that were displayed include a swastika, and a mascot of the far-right movement Pepe The Frog

There were also messages that read “Warning. This is a Shariah controlled zone. No alcohol, no gambling, no porn”, “Big Brother Is Watching You” and “Fappy Mondays”.

Photographs of the hacked billboard were posted on the thread Politically Incorrect on 4Chan and tweeted by /pol/News Forever, an account that described itself as ‘politically incorrect – and always right’.



The tweet has since gone viral, garnering close to 5,000 likes and more than 2,000 retweets.

Reactions of netizens vary from supporting the act to condemning the images displayed.

South Wales Police were alerted of the situation after they received calls from concerned individuals.

The screen was switched off at midnight by the operator, BlowUP Media.

“On Tuesday evening South Wales Police received a number of calls relating to concerns regarding messages being displayed on the screens in Queen Street, Cardiff.

"We alerted the city council and will investigate any crimes which may have been committed," said a spokesman for the police.

Both the police and the advertising company are investigating the matter.

-- Malaysian Digest